Keystone Prep Videos

  • The following videos are to assist students in preparing their calculators to take the Keystone exams as well as diagnose some of the issues that could arise during testing. Please excuse that the videos say "PSSAs" instead of "Keystones" as there hasn't been time to update the videos yet. The procedures and requirements remain the same.

    Clearing Calculator Memory

    According to the guidelines by the Pennsylvania Department of Education students are now allowed to have programs or information stored on their calculator that didn't come from the factory. The following video shows you how to clear these programs from memory. Please see your math teacher if you wish to back up your programs before clearing the memory. 

    Fixing the "Invald DIM" Error

    Sometimes even when you try and make a simple graph an error stops you from seeing the graph you want to see. The following video will help you with the most common error encountered when you try and make a graph.

    Fixing the Viewing Window

    When the graph process doesn't stop due to an error you can sometimes not see the graph you were expecting to see. This can sometimes be fixed by making sure you are in a viewing window that allows you to see what is needed. The best first technique to help you with this is to zoom the calculator into the standard viewing window. The video below shows you how.