Kaleidoscope Goggles

  • Although this was a personal project, I still wanted to share it because I had a lot of fun making them and I did show them off at school to get students energized and excited about the fun side of STEAM as well. The tutorial I used can be found at the Adafruit Learning Center if you'd like to make your own pair. I made some modifications to mine for aesthetics that I like and tweaked several variations of the code for different patterns. They goggles are hanging in my classroom, come try them on!!

    They started as some cheap welding goggles from Amazon.

    Welding shields removed and paper diffusers inserted. The wires are functional and decorative.

    I liked putting the trinket processor on the outside instead of hiding it. It makes it easy to change the code and looks cool on the side. 

    My little evil mad scientist!!