Tenth Communications Syllabus

  • Course Description:

    This course is designed to prepare the student for the Keystone Exams. Throughout the course the
    students will focus on explaining, interpreting, and analyzing literature. While analyzing
    literature, students will also write constructive responses in regards to each piece of literature. In
    addition, students will engage in practice Keystone lessons and assessments. My main goal is to
    prepare the students for the Keystones this year and to make them feel comfortable taking this


    Personal notebook




    Course Requirements

    Speech: Persuasive

    Research Paper

    Writing assignments

    Book review and book talk


    Short stories



    Drama—Julius Caesar

    To Kill A Mockingbird


    Additional excerpts and materials

    Vocabulary Work

    Grammar skills and writing skills

    Utilizing and analyzing the Writing Traits effectively


    I will base students' grades on the following items:

    1. homework assignments

    2. assigned reading assignments

    3. vocabulary assignments

    4. writing assignments

    5. projects/out of class assignments

    6. tests/quizzes

    7. Essays (formal writing assignments)

    8. Speeches and group work/interactions

    9. grammar assignments

    10. Final Exam

    I grade on a point system. Points will be determined as needed for each assignment; see the

    Student Handbook. All writing assignments are graded using the Writing Traits.


    It is the student's responsibility to complete each assignment and task on its due date. If a

    student is absent he/she should see me for any missed assignment covered in class. The missed

    assignment must be returned within five days of the student's return to school. I do not accept

    homework late, such as assignments that are due the next day or items we go over in class.

    Those missed assignments will result in a zero. Accepted late assignments include projects and



    Each student has the right to an education; therefore no insubordinate or boisterous behavior will

    be accepted or tolerated. I do not expect any behavior problems in this class! Cell phones are

    not permitted. Any violation of the cell phone policy will result in a conduct referral and the item

    will be taken and given to the office. Follow the basic guidelines in the Student Handbook.


    The use of the laptops are for educational purposes only! You may not play games, chat online,

    use email for non-educational purposes, you may not download anything and you may not listen

    to music or play videos.


    See the Student Handbook.

    (The content of the course may change due to teacher discretion)