Language Arts



    • Stories are grouped by theme:
    • The stories are read in class and may be assigned for homework as a reread.  The story reread can be done independently or shared with an adult.  Reviewing story elements as you read helps with comprehension. (setting, characters, story problem, events, solution)
    • Vocabulary, comprehension, story retelling, and speaking activities are incorporated into instruction with each story.

    Guided Reading

    • Students will read stories and complete activities using leveled texts.  Students will be grouped with others on similar levels.
    • Flexible grouping will be used and the groups may change throughout the year depending on need.
    • The groups will be teacher lead.

    Writing (Expressive, Language/Grammar, Spelling)

    • Writers Workshop is our main instruction technique where students will be using a folder to keep their writing pieces. 
    • Editing skills, grammar, and spelling are all practiced with Daily Language Activities (DLA).
    • Spelling tests will be given weekly.


    • Handwriting instruction will be taught throughout the year.