Homework is a crucial element for a student's success at all grade levels.  Northwestern Lehigh's policy for 4th grade is for students to complete approximately 30-60 minutes of homework per night (as referenced in the Student/Parent Handbook).

    Some tips for success with homework:
    • Find a quiet space to work.
    • Sit with your child while he/she completes the work.  It is okay to provide guidance!  (This is an invaluable opportunity to stay informed about what your child is learning and how he/she is progressing with assigned tasks.)
    • Have YOUR CHILD place all completed assignments in the RETURN side of the Homework Folder.  Students should develop the responsibility to do this (with parental guidance).
    • Place any notes or lunch money envelopes in the RETURN side of the Homework Folder.
    • Empty and review any papers on the KEEP side every night.
    • In addition to the nightly homework assignments, I STRONGLY encourage you to have your child read and practice math facts (especially multiplication and division) EVERY NIGHT (well, almost every nightJ).  A little bit of practice each night GREATLY helps your child learn to read and master math facts.
    Homework Completion:
    • ALL homework assignments are expected to be completed and returned the next day (unless otherwise stated).  
    • I do understand that some unexpected events happen in the evening and homework is difficult to complete.  If this occurs, please write me a note and I will allow homework to be completed the next night.  I understand "life happens!"  
    • If a student starts to repeatedly forget/not turn in homework, he/she will need to miss recess until all assignments are completed.