What First Graders Learn

    Our language arts series is Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  This is a comprehensive program which includes whole group reading and small group reading, as well as, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, grammar, and writing.  There are 6 units and 5 themes in each unit.  Each theme includes a new story (large and small group) and a new spelling list.  Writing is a component of our daily routine.

    Students learn many math skills and strategies throughout 1st grade.  The main concepts are ...

    • Understanding Addition
    • Understanding Subtraction
    • Five and Ten Relationships
    • Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12
    • Addition Facts to 20
    • Subtraction Facts to 20
    • Counting and Number Patterns to 120
    • Tens and Ones
    • Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100
    • Adding with Tens and Ones
    • Subtracting with Tens and Ones
    • Length
    • Time
    • Using Data to Answer Questions
    • Geometry
    • Fractions of Shapes


    Weather - seasons, kinds of weather, sunlight, wind

    Plants - parts of plants, seeds, what plants need to grow

    Ecology- recycling, conservation, pollution

    Health and Safetyparts of the body and their functions, food and nutrition, ways to stay healthy


    Building a Classroom and School Community

    Holidays and Traditions

    Where We Live

    Work! Work! Work!