English Language Arts

  • Whole Group Reading

    There are many interesting stories and articles to read in the Journey's reading series.  The other components of language arts, such as writing, spelling, grammar, listening, and speaking are incorporated into each literature piece.  We will also be utilizing flexible groups in which the students will read a variety of leveled books throughout the year.  You many be familiar with this guided reading approach from previous years.  The students will be meeting with me a few times a week to read and analyze different texts in a discussion format.  

    Independent Reading
    This is the reading that students will complete throughout the year that is strictly on their own. Some of the reading and responding to what is read may be done in school but most will be done at home each night.  This is an on-going assignment that will have specific requirements each marking period.  Minimum page requirements will be sent home with the students during the first or second week of school.  They must complete a book report or project for each book.  A book report should be done for the 1st book of each quarter, and then the students will be assigned a project for each subsequent book.  Each marking period the book report and one project will receive a grade.  The students may be required to share their projects with the class.

    Writing is incorporated in all subjects across the curriculum.  We write for many different purposes, and each writing piece may look very different.  Some writing pieces may be in a journal, reader's response book, or simply on sheets of paper.  You will hear students talk about a TDA (text dependent analysis).  This type of writing is an evidence-based response to a prompt based on text that they have read.  We will also periodically practice editing skills using a "Daily Language Review" (DLR).  Students are required to locate errors within sentences, use proofreading marks to correct errors, then re-write the sentences correctly.  The DLR is also useful in the instruction of grammar and writing mechanics.

    Spelling and Grammar
    The purpose of spelling and grammar is to foster the use of correct spelling and grammar within written communication.  They will be graded through the use of the DLR, the writing journal, specific spelling and grammar activities, and some traditional tests.