• We believe that homework is important.  It helps students make the most of their school experience.  We give homework because it reinforces what has been taught in class; it helps to prepare students for upcoming lessons; and it teaches children responsibility.  Homework also helps students develop positive study habits.  

    Assignments generally should take no longer than 30-60 total minutes to complete.  Math is typically assigned every night.  In addition, the students may have an assignment in another area.  Time is given in class to complete any ongoing projects or assignments but if students do not use independent work time wisely, they will not have extra time to work on independent reading assignments for example.

    Please call or email me if you find your child is continually struggling to complete assignments.  I support and encourage all students and families to have free time in the evenings to play, exercise, relax and unwind.  I need this time too!  My goal is to help students learn how to budget their time so that this free time is available.

    About one week's notice will be given before any major unit test, so students should be able to spend some time studying for tests in advance.  Here are some ways in which you can help your child with homework:
    1.  Check your child's assignment book each night.  Encourage him/her to write assignments carefully and completely.  If you find my initials are in the book, please sign your initials as well.
    2.  Make homework a habit.  Plan a regular time each day for homework.  Some children prefer to work immediately after coming home;some prefer right after dinner.  Decide together what time is best for your family.
    3.  Plan a special place for your child to work...not in front of the television.
    4.  Offering some guidance during homework is fine but don't feel everything needs to be corrected if your child doesn't truly understand.  You should not complete the homework for your child just for the sake of them having it all right.  Homework is not graded.  We go over the correct answers and I use it as a tool to gauge if concepts need to be reviewed with students.
    5.  Remind your children that if they choose not to complete a homework assignment, then they are choosing to complete the work during lunch recess the next day.