•                     Reading

      You will make a transition in third grade,  going from "learning to read"  to "reading to learn".   Reading is an essential part of every subject area in third grade.  You will quickly see how much I love books,   because almost every lesson will include an engaging book to learn from!  I value quality literature and search for high quality books for use in guided reading.

      Our daily reading lessons will be taught in a "Readers' Workshop"  format.  It will start with a very focused lesson with the whole group,  then move to guided reading where you will be reading a book at your instructional level which I determine based on data.  We will finish with a whole class sharing of what was learned.   There will also be a "daily five anchor" piece to every Readers' Workshop. You may choose between "read to self, read to others, write about reading, read using technology, or word work".  I frequently integrate choices for you within all learning styles according to your interest.  Later in the year, we will start literature circles. Reading in third grade is so much fun!