•                         Writing

         Writing will be taught daily as a separate subject area and will also be integrated in the other subjects across the school day.  We will be completing all different types of writing this year.  We will write a small moment story, a fiction story and a biography.  We will complete a research project on a famous person in PA history.  In addition,  you will complete one writing about a person you admire and will have the chance to invite your person to our "Admiration Tea". We will have so much fun with our poetry unit,  which will get us outside on our beach towels,  making obervations about nature.  This unit will end with a Poetry Cafe,  where you will have the chance to share your creations at an open microphone,  over candles, jazz music, and refreshments.  Most of the stories you write will be published in a book style of your choice. 

      Writing is my favorite part of the day because it is when you share the most about yourself.  I am very excited about getting to know you and what you care about!