• Spelling Lists and Homework Worksheets

    Spelling lists and Spelling homework worksheets can be accessed at the very bottom of this page by clicking on a linked file.

    Did you forget your homework sheet in school?  No problem.  Just find the file below and print it out!   

            Weekly Spelling Routine


    You can expect your child to receive the following spelling homework each week:


    Monday:            Choose one spelling “choice” activity


    Tuesday:           Choose one spelling “choice” activity (must be a different activity from the one chosen on Monday).


    Wednesday:      Choose one spelling “choice” activity (must be a different activity from the one chosen on Tuesday).


    Thursday:         Study your spelling words.    

    On Monday, we will be giving a pre-test of all regular spelling words.  These will be corrected in class.  Spelling papers will be given out on Monday and should be returned daily in the homework folder. Please do your best to keep the papers stapled into a packet.

            On Friday, your child will be given a spelling test and a spelling dictation test.  On the dictation test, your child will be asked to write 4 sentences (including spelling words and sight words) that the teacher reads aloud.   These will be simple sentences such as:  Did you see her new ring?  The sentences will be graded for correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.


    For those children who would like to participate, we will also be sending home a list of challenge spelling words.  These words follow the spelling pattern of the week and will be tested on Fridays after the regular tests.


    During weeks with fewer than five days, the homework will be altered to fit the weekly schedule.  Happy Spelling!

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