Class Rules & Expectations

  • Course Description & Content:  

    This course provides students with  an introduction to the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This course is designed to stimulate students to think critically about human behavior, and, at the same time, encourage them to make discoveries about their own lives and behavior. Topics covered include: Approaches to Psychology; Research Methods in Psychology; Memory; Intelligence; Learning; Stress; Theories of Development; Consciousness; Personality; and Psychological Disorders.


    This course will discuss sensitive and mature topics. It is imperative that students feel comfortable in the classroom. Immature and inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.


    Rules & Expectations:

    1. Be on time
    2. Come prepared with course materials
    3. Be an active learner and participator
    4. Respect yourself and others
    5. Be responsible - check the Community Portal, Canvas and your email
    6. Adhere to the school rules
    • Comply with the District’s Acceptable Use of Technology and Electronic Resources policy - no cell phones and other electronic devices unless permitted
    • Laptops are to be used at the teacher’s discretion and should remain in their cases


    Text & Required Materials:  

    Understanding Psychology with book cover, notebook (3 ring binder), and writing utensils



    The marking period grade is decided by the following:

      Homework – 20%  This may be assigned on Canvas as well as paper. Work that is submitted late will receive a10% deduction per day and will not be accepted after 5 days. Homework that is checked for completion will not be accepted late.

      Project – 20%

      These include activities completed in class and individual and group projects.  Late work

      will result in a 10% deduction per day and will not be accepted after 5 days.

      Assessments – 60%

      These include tests and quizzes. Study guides for assessments will be posted on Canvas.

      Students will be allowed to make test corrections with their notes on one failed test

      per marking period.


    The midterm and final exam will collectively be worth 20% of the semester grade.


    Absence Policy & Guidelines:

    It is the student’s responsibility to see me and/or email me regarding missed work and assessments. Students may receive a zero for work not made up within the established time frame. Students are encouraged to make up assessments within 5 days of an absence.


    Community Portal/Gradebook Codes:

    0 = Student did not complete assigned work and/or failed to make up work.

    ABS = Student was absent on the due date and still needs to make up the assignment and/or test.

    EX = Student was legally absent and is not responsible for making up this assignment.

    NGY = Assignment was received, but not graded yet.


    Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. Copying homework is considered cheating. Plagiarism is not acceptable and will result in a grade of zero for all students involved.  A formal referral will be submitted to Mr. Allen.


    Important Reminders:

    Students are encouraged to speak with me when they have questions or concerns. Unfortunately I do not have a flex this year. Please check Canvas and your email for important reminders and postings.