• Third Grade Mathematics


    enVision Math Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley—Grade 3


    Below is a list of the math topics that will be taught throughout the school year:

    Topic 1 -  Numeration

    Topic 2 -  Number Sense—Addition and Subtraction

    Topic 3 -  Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

    Topic 4 -  Meanings of Multiplication

    Topic 5 -  Multiplication Facts:  Use Patterns

    Topic 6 -  Multiplication Facts: Use Known Facts

    Topic 7 -  Meanings of Division

    Topic 8 -  Division Facts

    Topic 9  - Understanding Fractions

    Topic 10 - Fraction Comparison and Equivalence

    Topic 11 - Two-Dimensional Shapes and Their Attributes

    Topic 12 - Time

    Topic 13 – Perimeter

    Topic 14 – Area

    Topic 15 – Liquid Volume and Mass

    Topic 16 – Data


       enVisionMath lesson components will include:

          -Common Core Review

        -Problem Solving (P.B.I.L) *Problem of the Day

        -Visual Learning Bridge Clip

        -Guided practice

        -Independent Practice

              Students and parents have access to the enVision website to further explore math concepts and the visual learning clips at home.  You can find a link to enVision to the left of this screen.