About School Counseling


    The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) promotes the model of developmental guidance.  In the developmental guidance model, the Elementary School Counselor’s role is to guide students in acquiring the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the lifespan. The counselor will help students develop and apply skills needed to enhance personal, social, career, and academic growth. 


    The school guidance and counseling program is a combination of four types of primary services:  curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.  Below are listed the primary services offered by the Elementary School Counselor:

    • Implement effective classroom lessons focusing on relevant and developmentally appropriate topics (i.e. friendship making skills, manners, conflict resolution, career awareness)
    • Provide individual and small group guidance
    • Consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents
    • Crisis Intervention
    • System Support