What is Response to Instruction and Intervention

  • What is Response to Instruction and Intervention


    RtII is:

    • a process of systematic, research based instruction and interventions for struggling learners.
    • instruction and interventions are matched to students' needs.
    • progress is monitored on a regular basis.
    • designed as an early intervention to promote long term academic success.

    How do we implement best practices in RtII?

    • All students will receive benchmark assessments in September, January, and May.
    • These benchmarks include DIBELS, Treasures Screening Diagnostic and Placement Tests, and Study Island.
    • Data meetings will be scheduled to review the results of the benchmark data and intervention groups will be formed.
    • At this point, a letter will be sent home to the parents by the IST teacher/reading specialists stating the students who will be receiving interventions.
    • Interventions will take place during the scheduled grade level intervention time.
    • Students must participate in an intervention for a minimum of six weeks prior to making any change to the intervention.
    • Students not meeting benchmark will be progress monitored every two weeks.
    • Data Team Meetings will take place approximately every six weeks/once per marking period to discuss student performance.
    • If a child is not meeting with success, parents will be notified by either the IST teacher, the classroom teacher, or the reading specialist.
    • The programs, interventions, and student progress are reviewed regularly to determine if a child needs to move forward with the Instructional Support process.