What is Instructional Support?

  • What is Instructional Support?

    • Instructional support begins in the classroom.
    • Classroom teachers monitor daily performance and provide support as necessary.  Support may be necessary in academics, behavioral, emotional, social, speech/language, or work habits areas.
    • If students do not make adequate progress with classroom based strategies and interventions, a teacher may proceed forward with the Instructional Support Team.


    Who is the Instructional Support Team?

    • Members of the instructional support team include:  parents, classroom teacher, IST teacher, principal, guidance counselor, reading specialists, speech teacher, and school psychologist.
    • Occasionally, upper level students may be invited to meetings to help them take an active role in their learning.


    What is the Instructional Support Team Process?

    • If it is determined that a child should move forward with the IST process, the IST teacher will consult with the classroom teacher.  The classroom teacher will fill out the Request for Collaboration Form.
    • Information is gathered from specialists and other school personnel.  A summary report is generated.  This report will include the student's strengths, needs, and measurable goals.
    • A meeting date and time is scheduled.  Classroom teachers will notify parents if their child is referred to the Instructional Support Team. 
    • Consultation regarding alternative strategies and interventions will result in the creation of an action plan designed specifically for the child.
    • A reconvene date may be scheduled based upon need.
    • Parents will receive copies of action plans.
    • For students who do not adequately respond to a variety of strategies and interventions that have been implemented with fidelity, the IST team may suggest additional testing.  This testing would help to determine potential eligibility for special educational services.