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    Some tips on selecting a good book!

    • Think about what you like  ~ your hobbies and interests
    • Think about the kind of book you like  ~ fiction, nonfiction, picture book
    • Browse the shelves and look for the special spine stickers - Junior Library Guild, holiday, etc.
    • Read the back cover or the inside flap of the cover.  You will usually find a short summary of what the book is about.  Does it interest you?
    • Open the book and look at the pages and pictures.  Read a few.  Is it comfortable to read (Remember the “Five Finger Rule!”)  Did the author capture your interest?
    • Ask someone who enjoys reading to recommend a book or author.
    • Browse the shelf where your favorite author's books are.  There may be a new title waiting for you!
    • Look at the books on the return cart.  Someone else enjoyed those books, so maybe you will too.
    • Scan the books that are on display.  Often they are new titles or books that are of special interest.
    • Go to a computer and open the library catalog.  Search for some of your favorite topics by keyword or subject.
    • Ask Mrs. DeAntonis or your teacher for suggestions!