Meet Mrs. DeAntonis

  • Hello!  Below are some questions and answers to help you get to know me better.

    Q:Where did you go to school?

    A:I graduated from Parkland High School where my favorite subjects were English and German. I attended Kutztown University and received my undergraduate degree in Library Science/Elementary Education in 2006 and my Masters degree in Reading in 2013.


    Q:Were you ever a librarian in another school district?

    A:Yes, my first year as an elementary librarian was in the Allentown School District. I have also taught elementary library classes for one year in the Parkland School District and three years in the Bangor Area School District.


    Q:Have you always wanted to be a teacher/librarian?

    A:Yes, I was always playing school and library with my little brother and my dolls when I was a little girl. When I became a mother, I read to my children every day and shared my love for learning and books with them.


    Q:How many children do you have?

    A:I have one daughter, Tiffany and two sons, Grant and Cody. I also have three granddaughters, Kyra, Elizabeth and Ellie, and one grandson, Alexander.


    Q:Do you have any pets?

    A: Not right now, but I used to have two cats, Max and Erma. They were brother and sister. You can scroll down to see a picture of them. I miss them very much.


    Q:What is your favorite book?

    A:It is hard to pick just one, but I think Charlottes Web is my all-time favorite.


    Q:What do you like to do when you are not reading?

    A:I love playing board games, especially Scrabble. I like to go hiking and biking. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, Eric, and cooking and baking for my family.