Parent Websites



    • Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site - This site gives you reviews of children's books as well as ideas for using with children in the home and in the classroom.  It provides ideas on subject themes that are addressed in many elementary classrooms.


    • Education World - Education World is a complete online resource for educations.  It contains current news, articles, ideas, and lesson plans.  While it's an informative site for educations it is also a site that might be interesting to parents also. 


    • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators- Kathy Schrock's site contains a list of web sites that might provide ideas for teachers as they strive to enhance their curriculum.  It also provides information on current professional topics.  This site is continually being updated.  The sites of the day are often seasonally appropriate.  Parents might, for example, find the May summer reading list interesting.  It's also a wonderful place to go for information on anything related to using the Internet as a searching tool.


    • Scholastic Kids - This website, brought to you by the company that provides Weisenberg's Book Fairs, features a wide array of interesting materials for teachers, parents, and students.  Its focus is often literary, which makes us appreciate it in the library.


    • BookHive - BookHive is a literary website designed specifically for children, birth through 12 years old, as well as their parents and teachers.  You can search for books by title, author, interest level, and illustrator.  It's truly a nice guide to children's books.