• Adopt-a-Chapter Expectations

    • closely read all assigned chapters
    • Keep a 2-way notebook (see powerpoint below) 
    • Complete Symbol worksheet (rec'd in class)
    • Annotate text, if possible, or use sticky notes
    • Identify themes & note exemplary passages
    • Look at word choice
    • Look at character development.  What changes occur in VF and monster?
    • Watch for Nature and its role
    • Watch for Fate/Destiny
    • Think about essential questions below
    Essential/Guiding Questions to consider in Frankenstein:
    • What makes us human?
    • Why is it important to love and be loved?
    • How do you define personal responsibility?
    • What spurs people to explore the unknown?
    • How can advancement/exploration be both good AND bad?
    • What is the relationship (responsibility) between creator(s) & creation(s)? 

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