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  • All About Me~

    A graduate of Northwestern Lehigh In 1985, I went on to Temple University where I participated on the softball and field hockey teams. I began teaching and coaching here at Northwestern Lehigh in 1990. I currently teach 9th and 11th grade  Wellness/ Fitness. I spent many years as a softball and Field Hockey coach here at N.H.S, and most recently at Parkland S.D

     I completed my master's degree in 2005 from Gratz College. My thesis topic contained research on "The Impact Participating in an extracurricular activity has on the High School Student" , All my data was taken from numerous surveys & interviews done with Northwestern Lehigh student athletes and coaches.

    ****  I am a firm believer that staying active and being a part of "something" leads to better grades, self discipline, and higher self esteem.

    I have 3 children, Collin, Casey, & Chase Patrick.

    My husband and I enjoy a very busy lifestyle while both participating in sports and watching our kids play year round. I am a huge sports fan, love to play golf,softball, snowmobile, and I am especially passionate about my Philadelphia Eagles, and The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. and Baseball.

    Request me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter! I am always happy to answer any qquestions or concerns you may have in regards to our wellness/fitness curriculum