Material Covered

  • The following is a guideline for what we will cover.

    Please email me w/ specific questions on assignments~


    WEEK 1~

    Chapter One

     Read sections 1, 2 & 3. Do note outline, and complete

     Questions pertaining to Ones' own wellness.

     Research current events, share w/ class.

    PSSA writing prompt for wellness

    John Foppe video


    "NO Arms No Worries"

     and reaction paper.


    Chapter 4 ~Managing Stress & Coping w/ Loss

    Read sections 1, 2 & 3 Do note outline.

    Packet will accompany this chapter..

    Type A B personality types. How do they relate to stress?

    Research article on personality types and stress.Summarize and present to class.25 pts.

    WEEK 2-3

    Chapter 15, Male & Female Reproductive Health

    Read all sections of chapter. Do Note outline packet.

    Research article on statistics, stories of breast and Testicular cancers. 

    Also guided reading activity, crossword puzzle, and review self examinations for testicular and breast cancer.

    Chapter 17 The Beginning of The Life Cycle

    Section 1,2, & 3

    Male & Female Reproductive Systems

    Identify and explain function of parts

    Identify ways to care for your own reproductive Health

    Explain and understand importance of prenatal care

    Identify what to expect during a normal 40 week getstaional period.



    Identify signs of trouble and importance of contacting Health professional right away.

    Birth Control and Abstinence as a vital choice in reproductive health. Mental & Physical Advantages


    WEEK 4

    Chapter 24

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS

    Explore the various types of STD's and their signs and symptoms. Know treatment methods for each, and discuss the importance of communication between partners when deciding to "go all the way"

    Current Events

    Crimes Victims Council presentation


    Identify the 4 stages of HIV infections and List characteristics of each

    Explain circumstances through which an infected person can spread HIV to another.

    Testing protocol


    A- Z list on perfect mate.(Characteristics)Fun , Fun!!

    Research articles on marriage and parenthood.

    Marriage statistics, divorce, teen marriages,

    Group discussions, debates;

    China and it's parenting laws research .

    The frozen embryo case.

    Family Planning,,,Birth Control methods, info>>RESEARCH

    Week 4 & 5

    STD'S~ Sexually transmitted disease~~

    KWL sheet. list what you know , want to know, and have learned about std's.

    Chapter 22~ Read sections 1, 2, & 3.

    Know differences between Virus'and Bacteria std's

    Chart. Fill in the following~~

    Causes, Cures, How Is it Spread?, Symptoms, Treatment and Cure..

    Essay, Dilemma cards.

    Guest Speaker from the Womens Center of Allentown.

    Week 5 cont..

    ~~ AIDS

    Read Ch 23 in book,

    Notes, *how it affects body.

         ** How It is transmitted, At risk behaviors,Testing, diagnosis,

          ***  PREVENTION*** ******ABSTINENCE

    WEEK 6

    Complete std's, aids w/ test

     Birth control methods

    Begin Chapter 26

    Communicable & NonCommunicable diseases

    **6 types of pathogens

    ** Difference between virus,bacteria,parasites..

    ** know the bodies defenses

    **List and explain types of vaccines

    ** Biofeedback? What is it?

    **3 major types of vaccines


    Week 7

    Disease Report presentations



    Risk Factors, Signs, symptoms, Treatments, Cures

    Live open heart Surgery Field Trip ( If available)


    WEEK 8

    Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug use

    Examine the trends, statistics of teen use and abuse.

    (research online)

    Short & long term consequences..