• Expectations for Success!



    Respect            Responsibility            Pride          Success!

    These words capture the values I hold for my students.

    Please try your very best. 

    ~ Your efforts towards this goal are very important.

    Please be prepared.

    ~Bring your assignments, textbook, binder, worksheets, pencils, and any other materials you may need for class.  This is an indication that you are ready to learn.

    Please be respectful.

    ~Your actions reflect your character.  Respect shown towards your teachers and classmates is of utmost importance.  This allows us to form a learning community.  Additionally, respectful use of school materials enhances your learning as well as the atmosphere in the classroom.

    Please be responsible.

    ~One way to demonstrate your responsibility is to complete assignments.  Homework will be posted in the classroom for you to copy into your assignment book.  Advance notice of quizzes, tests, and long term assignments/projects will be displayed also.  Note this information in your assignment book.

    Be proud of your accomplishments!

    ~You will learn a great deal this year.  Share your successes with others.