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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  •  ~Homework is most often an opportunity to practice and review what has been presented in class.  Other times, a homework  assignment may prepare you for what  you will learn in class by activating what you know about a topic.

    ~Homework is not assigned every day!  When it is, consider it a meaningful learning opportunity.

    ~Completion of assignments as well as the work's quality are both important.

    ~Each student is responsible for recording the assignments in his/her homework log.  Our middle school supplies each student with an easy to use assignment log.   Consider it an important tool for staying organized and up-to-date.

    ~Assignments will be posted in a prominent spot in the classroom and a reminder will be given at the end of class to copy the assignment.

    ~Homework, together with being prepared for daily class, amounts to a ten percent contribution to a student's overall average

    ~Advance notice of a quiz, test, or project is always provided.



    Practice writing your home address in the correct format. You will be asked to write your address correctly in social studies class. Ask a parent for help with the spelling of your street and city/town.

    ~WHY? Geography is the study of the Earth, our home.  Geographers begin to study place by finding where it is, or its location. Your address is an example of "absolute location"  because it describes your home's exact position on the Earth.