• The supplies you will need for Social Studies  are the same as those listed on the notice sent home during with your fifth grade report card at the beginning of summer. 

    They are:

    • 3 ring binder, 2 inches thick
    • a paper cover for your social studies textbook
    • pencil case, zippered and 3 hole punched to store in binder
    • 8 tab dividers for subject area organization
    • pencils (sharpened) and cap erasers
    • set of Crayola Twistables - (colored pencils) 
    • lined filler paper, three hole punched/standard rule
    • highlighter
    • dry erase marker (math)
    • single subject spiral bound notebook (math)
    • black Flair or Papermate thin tipped water color marker (to label maps) - not a permanent marker or the ink will bleed through the paper
    • a set of earbuds or headphones

    Our middle school supplies each student with an assignment book

    • Students are expected to use their assignment book on a daily basis
    • It is a useful tool for listing homework, project and assignment due dates, and important reminders
    • Should a student lose it during the year, an additional copy may be purchased at our middle school office

    A social studies textbook will be issued to students at the beginning of the school year. 

    • Its condition is noted by the teacher. The books have been used for four years and are nearly new
    • Students are reminded that they are borrowing this book from the school and should care for it
    • Each student should write his/her name in the inside front cover
    • Textbooks should remain covered at all times. (Brown bag or paper cover is preferable to Book Sox which break the binding or Contact film which ruins the cover when removed) 
    • If a student returns the text in poor condition at the end of the school year (broken binding, torn cover, etc.) the cost of a replacement copy will be charged

    These supplies are available for you to use while working in the classroom.  You are not required to purchase these!

    • crayons
    • watercolor markers
    • scissors
    • glue
    • rulers
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