Study Tools

  • Preparing for Quizzes and Tests

    • Notice of upcoming quiz or test that was announced to students in class will also be posted as announcement in the Parent Portal. 
    • The date for the assessment will be listed in the announcement's title.
    • Therefore, parents have access the same review information their child already possesses! 
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Electronic access to the social studies textbook is available! 

    Rereading the textbook lesson is a part of studying 

    and is recommended prior to each quiz or test.

    This means that a student may choose to have his/her textbook remain in school and yet complete homework (which requires the textbook) at home by using this online resource.  Reliable internet access, however, is a must!

    Students will be introduced to this resource during September.  They need to be familiar with the textbook's layout to meaningfully engage in the online textbook.  At that time, they will explore the site and see how it can be a helpful tool for completing social studies assignments. 

    You can directly connect to the textbook website by reading the subpage on the left margin of this website titled "Electronic Textbook Information."

    Each student will be assigned a username and password.  That information will be pasted on the "List of Passwords Page" of their assignment book.  Without the username and password, access to the digital textbook cannot occur.

    Additionally, an introductory letter from the text's publisher will also display the student's username and password.  That letter will help you adjust your home computer's settings to be compatible with the digital text and its website.  If you are having trouble adjusting your home computer to the settings, the publisher has a website and an 800 number for you to access for support.

    Students have told me that this resource is very convenient and I am eager for your child to access it as well!  No worries if your child forgets their textbook at school and needs it for homework completion.  Online access is the answer!