Electronic Texbook Information

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     Online, digital access to

    Social studies textbook is available!

    Access the site by using the link below.  

    Reliable internet access from home is necessary.

    The online text will be introduced to students during social studies class in mid-September.

    Students have a personal username and password.

    UN is student id followed by nwlsd  Example: 22378nwlsd

    PW is student's current Study Island password typed twice: 

    Example: a123ba123b

    ~An introductory letter (green) from the textbook publisher will help students adjust their home computer settings to gain Internet access to the textbook.  A box with the student's username and password is included as part of that letter.  That letter will be distributed to students in class during mid-September during a lesson about access to the digital textbook and after a series of lessons have been presented in school to help them gain familiarity with the textbook. I suggest that students keep this letter at home for future reference. 

    ~During that same lesson, a green navigation guide sheet will be used to explain the login procedure and to introduce students to the screen tools for navigation of the text.  I suggest that each student store this sheet at home for future reference.

    ~Additionally, a space with that same information aside of the box labelled "social studies" will be listed inside their assignment book on the "List of Passwords" page near the beginning of the assignment book. 

    It is necessary for each student to know their own username and password.  I would suggest that each student record it on an index card that can be kept as a reference at home as a backup.  I cannot assure you that I will have that information on hand in the evening should the student be unable to recall their personal UN and PW and an email request is sent to me for that information. 

    Here are some uses for the digital textbook.

    ~If a student prefers to use the digital text rather than carrying the actual textbook home to complete an assignment

    ~If a student forgets his/her textbook and needs it to do a homework assignment

    ~If a student is absent and his/her textbook is at school, the assignment can be completed using the digital version

    ~If a student wants to review important skills and concepts for a particular lesson or even a chapter to prepare for a quiz or test, there are review activities available within the electronic textbook