• This slideshow provides a glimpse of one of our trips to Lake Nockamixon where we enjoyed a day of orienteering.

    Orienteering is known throughout the world as "the map sport."  It involves careful interpretation of a specially designed map and the use of a compass to find one's way through unfamiliar surroundings.  For at least a dozen years, this sport has been a tradition for sixth grade.  We are proud that we have introduced it to over 2,000 of our students and that they have been successful orienteers at Lake Nockamixon, the site of our field trip in late spring.  

    All foundational skills are taught in social studies and science classes and an event occurs on our school campus prior to our field trip to assure that the students possess the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy the day at Nockamixon!

What Is Orienteering?