District Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    We empower, inspire, and lead our students to strive for excellence in and out of the classroom...we are future ready! 



    The Northwestern Lehigh School District will strive to create an environment where all students will have the opportunity to participate in highly engaging, authentic learning experiences that meet the needs of all of our students. Our students will learn the critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills necessary to adapt and navigate in a global society driven by twenty-first century technologies. Students will be encouraged to take calculated risks to reach their full potential. Our students will be challenged to become well-rounded students, with personal and educational goals, who have multiple opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that enhance their social, mental and physical beings. Faculty and staff will engage in relevant, meaningful professional development to be current in best instructional practices and technologies. We will examine essential learning questions facing our students to give students the tools to become reflective learners. Together faculty, staff, students, parents and community will utilize our collective talents to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate a sense of pride, mutual respect, and a strong work ethic that yield productive members of society.

    Shared Values

    We believe in ......

    SHARED RESPONSIBILITY - students, staff, parents, and community share in the responsibility of a worthwhile education, which occurs both within and outside the school environment.

    DEVELOPMENT OF ALL CHILDREN - our school will provide for academic, intellectual, technological, physical, social, ethical, and emotional development of all children.

    LIFE LONG LEARNING - all students are life long learners in a positive, safe, and respectful learning environment.

    INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL - all students need to be able to problem solve, use higher level thinking skills, be able to collaborate with others, and have high expectations in order to fulfill their highest individual potential.

    EMBRACING DIFFERENCES - through effective communication, all students can accept and embrace diverse cultures, various abilities and interests, while positively contributing to the global community.

    TRUST, POSITIVITY and FOCUS - all stakeholders make strong contributions to the district’s operational efficiency through trusting relationships between community, board, staff and students using a positive attitude, focused efforts, and creative solutions.


    Educational Community

    The Northwestern Lehigh School District comprises approximately 110 square miles in the Northwest corner of Lehigh County. The District is primarily rural, including many agricultural areas, but is also within driving distance of several major cultural centers, such as New York City, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Washington D.C. The District is slowly becoming more diverse, both culturally and economically. The District has many geographical and historical attributes, such as the Appalachian Trail and the Leaser Homestead, which is noted for the preservation of the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War.

    The District includes one high school, one middle school, two elementary schools, and a digital academy program with a total enrollment of approximately 2400 students. The District offers a variety of course options, including applied-level courses, career and technical education courses, and Advanced Placement courses, and many students even obtain college credits during their high school career. Our district campus is the central
    hub of the Northwestern Lehigh community and our program of studies provides a healthy balance of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Strong community support is defined by active volunteerism, business partnerships, parent/teacher organizations, alumni and educational foundations, and athletic and activity organizations and school district facilities are frequently utilized by the community to house these events. Our District lacks a strong industrial presence, however, the small businesses within the district are primarily owned by Northwestern Lehigh School District residents. The District's community and business leaders support the educational and extracurricular programs of the school district by providing financial, moral, and physical supports to our students. It is evident that the community revolves around the activities and accomplishments of the school district which signifies that the Northwestern Lehigh Schools are the heartbeat of this local community.


    District Level Goals:

    Establish a system within the District that fully ensures...


    … consistent implementation of effective instructional practices across all classrooms in each school. 


    barriers to student learning are addressed in order to increase student achievement and graduation rates. 


    professional development is focused, comprehensive, and implemented with fidelity.


    … the district’s resources effectively address instructional priorities aligned with the district’s vision and mission and fully ensures that the expenditure and accounting of funds meets legal and ethical requirements within the parameters of generally accepted accounting practices.