• The Northwestern Lehigh School District Administration is responsible for carrying out the policies and goals established by the School Board.

    The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of the School District with responsibility for all operational and educational programs. The Assistant Superintendent oversees curriculum, instruction, staff development, data, technology, special education, operations, and transportation.

    The Administration is guided by the District's Comprehensive Plan.  The Strategic Plan is developed by a team of stakeholders representing all groups - students, teachers, administrators, school board members, community members, parents, and business representatives. The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed here.

    For more information on the services provided by the administration and staff, visit the individual department sites or each building site.  You can also call the District at 610-298-8661 and use the specific phone extensions listed below.

    Our Administrative Team consists of:

    Jennifer Holman - Superintendent 

    Dr. Troy Sosnovik- Assistant Superintendent 

        Stacy Eisenhard - Executive Secretary to the Superintendent & Assistant Superintendent    Ext. 1225

    Christie Steigerwalt - Business Administrator 

        TBD -  Accounting Specialist 

        Christy Spanitz - Executive Secretary to the Business Administrator Ext. 1234

    Luann E. Matika - Director of Human Resources

        Brittany Balik - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Human Resources    Ext. 1273

    Andrea Edmonds - Director of Student Services

        Kaitlin Brobst - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services   Ext. 1210

    LeAnn Stitzel - Director of Curriculum & Instruction

        Karen Lapos - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Curriculum    Ext. 1264

    Arthur Oakes - Director of Operations  

       Tammy Meckes - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations Ext 1266

    Brian Tobin - Police Chief

    Jason T. Zimmerman, C.A.A. - Director of Athletics & Student Activities

        Chris Deutsch - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics & Student Activities  Ext. 2267

    Flora Summers - Supervisor of Food Services   Ext. 1255

    Jill Berlet - Weisenberg Elementary Principal

        Jean Overstrom - Administrative Assistant to the WEIS Principal   Ext. 5301

    Maria Pulli - Northwestern Elementary Principal 

        Karen Wallace - Administrative Assistant to the NWE Principal   Ext. 4203

    William Dovico - Middle School Principal

        Allicia Greene - Middle School Office Assistant Ext. 3917

    Amy Stauffenberg - Middle School Assistant Principal 

        Susan Shannon - Middle School Office Assistant Ext. 3918

        Stacey Russo - Middle School Office Assistant Ext. 3921   

    Aileen Yadush - High School Principal

       Michele Schellhamer - Administrative Assistant to the HS Principal   Ext. 2244

    Matthew Givler - High School Assistant Principal

       Ann Redline - Administrative Assistant to the HS Assistant Principal   Ext. 2242