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Mrs. Roman


I truly enjoy teaching the students at Northwestern Lehigh School District and have been doing just that since 1990!  In fact,  I was one of the original teachers to open the Middle School in 1992.  Since then, I have been teaching sixth grade students social studies and literacy skills.  Prior to our middle school's restructuring into teaching teams (2006), I also taught language arts, mathematics, and computer skills.  Because of those experiences, I believe that literacy (reading and writing) are important aspects of learning in every content area. 

I am privileged to be part of a strong teaching team.  I enjoy working with each of the Explorer teachers.  We like to spend our school time planning activities that will allow our students to achieve to their highest abilities.  I also value working with the other sixth grade teachers on the Pathfinder team.  Together we plan meaningful and memorable experiences for all of the sixth grade students.  Mrs. Fitzgerald, the Pathfinder social studies teacher and I plan our lessons and maintain a similar pace to provide students with consistency of the sixth grade social studies curriculum.

I believe our Middle School is a place that values relationships. Because of this shared value, it is a great place to arrive each day.  Students, teachers, staff members, and our building leaders share a common desire to promote learning, to foster personal growth, and to develop respectful relationships.  These experiences make me grateful each day that I travel to school.

I grew up in Allentown right here in the Lehigh Valley.  As an elementary and high school student, I loved school and all its related friendships and activities.  I received undergraduate degrees in education and sociology and was graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1984.  I moved back to the valley and taught third grade in the Allentown Diocese for five years.  Simultaneously, I was working on my reading specialist certification at Kutztown University where I earned a graduate degree in 1989.  I then worked at Allentown College (now DeSales University) within the adult education program for two years before finding my way to Northwestern Lehigh School District. 

In my free time I like to read, take photographs, create scrapbooks, and bake.  I am married to Mr. Ed Roman, who retired from his teaching position three years ago as a social studies teacher in eighth grade.  We have a son, Robert, who is in high school.  We have a black lab named Harper who always makes life at home interesting.  I am a baseball mom and can often be found at a high school or tournament baseball game watching my son compete and my husband coach.  As a family, we love to watch college baseball, spend time with our puppy, ride bikes, and travel. 

I am hopeful that this school year will hold many opportunities for us to learn and to share.  I am eager to be your teacher!





    Welcome to Sixth Grade,

    Social Studies, 


    the Explorer Team! 

    Together we will share many experiences


    make memories throughout the year! 

    Mrs. Roman

    Room 203 

    Contact Information:

    School phone: 610-298-8661



    During the first week of school be prepared to complete a world map by identifying the seven continents and major oceans.  This is review from elementary school and a good way to ease back into the school routine.  During the second week of school, you will learn how to use the social studies textbook as a resource to find information.  


    It is an important life skill for you to know how to write your home address in the correct format. You will be asked to write your address correctly in social studies class. Ask a parent for help with the spelling of your street and city/town.

    WHY is this important? Geography is the study of the Earth, our home.  Geographers begin to study place by finding where it is, or its location. Your address is an example of "absolute location"  because it describes your home's exact position on the Earth. 

    Here is a correctly formatted address:

    Miss Kitty Cat (first and last name)

    1234 Purina Road  (house number and street or road)

    Catskill, PA  56789  (town, state abbreviation & zip code)


  •  Parents and Students

    You may access the Sapphire Community Web Portal from this link below. 

    Information about the Portal and its appropriate use will be offered during presentations at New Student Orientation on Wednesday,August 23rd (8:30-10:00 AM) and during Parent Information Night on Wednesday,August 30th (6:30-8:30 PM). At those times, there will be opportunities for you to register and to create an account to gain access to the Portal.  It is a valuable communication tool for parents to use to stay informed of student progress.  Please gain access to the Portal as it is a valuable resource for you to stay up-to-date about your child's academic progress in all subjects!