• Attendance and Absence Policies

    To Excuse an Absence - 

    • When a student is absent from school, a written legal excuse (signed by a parent or guardian) is required.
    • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to submit absence excuses through the Sapphire Parent Portal
      • Once you are in your student's portal page, choose "Student Data Forms" on the lefthand side of the screen
      • Choose "Student Absence Excuse" and complete this form for your student's absence
    • Written excuses can still be handed in to the Attendance Office secretary in the Main Office of the High School. 
    • Students who attend Lehigh Career Technical Institute are expected to return a separate excuse to LCTI for their absences.
    • If excuses are not received within three school days, the day will be recorded as unlawful (ages under 18) or unexcused (ages 18+). 

    Late Arrival/Early Dismissal -  

    • A written request from the parent or guardian must be presented to the assistant principal stating the reason for an early dismissal or late arrival
      • Please note: A physician’s excuse stating that the student was seen at the attending physician’s office is required upon the student’s return to school.
      • Official physician and dental appointment cards will be honored
      • This request must be submitted prior to first period on the day of the appointment. 
      • Parental notes for doctor excuses must include a date and time of appointment.
    • Students who arrive after 9:15 A.M. will be considered absent for one half (1/2) day.
    • Students leaving school before 1:07 P.M. will be considered absent for one half (1/2) day.
    •  As a result of new state regulations, students attending less than 50% (arrival after 10:36 A.M. – departure before 11:51 A.M.) of the instructional day will be recorded as a “Partial Day” which will count as a full day of absence. The following attendance codes have been added: PAE – Partial Excused and PAU - Partial Unexcused.

    Excused Absences - The following reasons, as found in Chapter 11 – Pupil Attendance – of the Regulations of the State Board of Education of Pennsylvania, are the only reasons for an approved temporary absence from school:

    • Illness
    • Quarantine
    • Required court attendance
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Violent weather
    • Educational tours and trips
    • State emergency
    • Health care by a licensed physician
    • Family Emergency (so designated by the school administration)

    Late to School (Tardy) - 

    • If a student is not seated, ready to learn, in their Block 1 class by 7:45 AM, the student must sign-in at the attendance office and will be marked as being tardy to school.
    • Students may arrive tardy to school twice without disciplinary consequences.
    • A third tardy will result in a warning and a fourth will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
    • Lateness due to illness must be verified by parental or physician note only.
    • Entry to school after 9:15 AM constitutes a ½ day absence
    • Leaving school before 1:07 PM constitutes a ½ day absence