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  • Welcome to the Northwestern Elementary Music Webpage!

    Please feel free to browse the sites to the left! This site is designed primarely for Northwestern Elementary students and parents who are interested in finding out more information about the music program at Northwestern Elementary. I hope you enjoy what I have designed!

    Mr. Fies


    NWLEF Meeting Information

    I know this information may be a little dated, but the work the NWLEF is doing for the arts should not go un-noticed! Please support them in as many ways as you possibly can!

    In March of 2011, we had the opportunity to perform and do a presentation in front of the Northwestern Lehigh Educational Foundation. The Foundation has been instrumental in helping us purchase various instruments that we use on a regular basis in the music classroom. Please click below to view this presentation! Thank you, again, NWLEF for all of your support!


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