NWLHS Student Assistance Program - SAP


    Our program:
    The objectives of the Student Assistance Program are to identify, refer, and support students. Involvement of parents in all phases of the SAP program is essential.The parent’s role and responsibility in the decision process affecting their child’s education is key to successful resolution of problems. The Northwestern Lehigh HS Student Assistance Program is available to all students in grades 9-12. SAP members are trained to identify problems, determine whether or not the problem lies within the responsibility of the school, and make recommendations to assist students and parents.

    Our Mission:
    Working together so others can learn

    Student Assistance Program News:
    Check the links for interesting PowerPoint shows on adolescents and alcohol as well as trends reported by Confront. Phone numbers of agencies in the Lehigh Valley are also available.

    How to make a referral:
    Staff members, parents, community members, and students may make a referral by emailing the SAP team. All referrals are held in strict confidence. Referrals can also be made by contacting any member of the team or in writing.

    What happens after a student is referred:
    When a student is referred to the SAP team, the student's teachers are sent an online survey. The survey allows teachers to answer questions about a student's observable behavior. This data is reported to the parents. With the permission of the parent(s), the survey is shown to the student, who then is offered the option of talking to a person from outside the school district about concerns the student has.

    Who can seek help:
    Students may be referred to the team by:
    Support Staff