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    Northwestern Lehigh School District believes there are many potential obstacles to students that may impact their ability to attain academic, behavioral, health, personal and social development.

    The Student Services Department is dedicated to removing the obstacles or barriers to students’ education and creating opportunities for success for students exhibiting a variety of needs.  Specially trained professionals and committed support staff work to assist students in achieving their potential. Services provided by the Student Services Department include Gifted Education, Guidance, Health and Wellness, Instructional Support/Student Assistance, Special Education, and Student Assistance programs.

    Child Find Notice

    A comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation may help answer your questions.  Is your child having difficulty in school?  Does your child have a disability?  Is he or she in need of specially designed instruction?  If you believe that your child may be in need of a special education program, an evaluation process to assess your child’s educational profile is available to you at no cost through Northwestern Lehigh School District. A special education program often involves adapting materials and modifying instruction to better meet your child’s specific learning needs. 

    In order to request an evaluation, you will need to put your request in writing and address it to the building principal of your child’s school or the Director of Student Services. If you request these services, you may be asked to meet with the Student Support Team in your child’s school (or the school your child would attend in Northwestern Lehigh) to discuss your concerns.  You may be asked to consider early intervening services prior to conducting a full evaluation.  
    An evaluation cannot be scheduled until you have signed a written notice indicating that you give your consent to proposed assessments and procedures. When you return the notice to school, the formal evaluation will begin. Your child will be evaluated by a team of experts trained in assessing children. A school psychologist will coordinate the educational team assembled for your child. Depending on the necessary components of the proposed evaluation, the district may contract with the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 for specific services.  You will be a member of your child’s evaluation team as well. The team assembled for your child will ultimately decide if your child has a disability and, if so, whether specially designed instruction is in order.  
    After the formal evaluation has taken place and if your child has been found to be eligible for special education services, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be developed with your participation. The IEP will be based on your child’s identified needs. The plan will also propose appropriate supports and services to meet those needs. If you wish to accept the proposed IEP, your child will receive those services within a public school setting.
    If you are interested in finding out more about the special education process, please contact your child’s building principal or visit the Student Services section of our website,  You may also contact Northwestern Lehigh’s Director of Student Services, Andrea Edmonds at 610-298-8661 x1210.  

    Gifted Education Program: 

    The Northwestern Lehigh Gifted Program provides all identified students with specialized learning experiences that will enrich and challenge the academic and problem-solving skills essential for personal development, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.

    Guidance Program:

    The Northwestern Lehigh School District School Counseling Program collaborates with students, faculty, parents, and the community to provide all students with the differentiated opportunities and resources needed to acquire developmentally appropriate skills.  Services are provided in academic, career, personal and social development areas to assist students to become effective lifelong learners, achieving success in school, living successful and rewarding lives, and becoming contributing members of society.

    Health Services: 

    Health Services are provided by School Nurses and Health Aides in each of Northwestern Lehigh School District’s school buildings. Additionally, educational and awareness aspects are integrated into our guidance and general health and science instruction.  

    Chapter 15 504:

    Please see the related file at the bottom of this page for Chapter 15 Procedural Safeguards.  

    Instructional Support Team/ Student Assistance Program:

    Instructional Support/Student Assistance Services consist of the collaboration of team members, including parents, to address the instructional needs of individual students that may be experiencing academic, behavioral, mental health, or other health difficulties. Services are facilitated by dedicated staff in our school buildings to assess needs, implement interventions, monitor the effectiveness of interventions, and make any needed referrals to appropriate resources, including community providers. Team members regularly consist of the student (depending on interest, age, and ability), the student’s classroom teacher(s), Instructional Support/Student Support Teacher(s), a guidance counselor, a school psychologist, a principal/assistant principal, and the parents. Where appropriate, additional members with specialized expertise may be included, such as a reading specialist or a speech and language therapist.

    Special Education Program: 

    Special Education services are provided through the implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for all students identified with a qualifying disability. These services are provided to address the specific needs of the student and are facilitated by a certified special education teacher or speech and language therapist. Northwestern Lehigh School District provides the vast majority of special education services in district buildings. When the level of need or particular services needed are highly specialized, the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit (CLIU21) provides direct and support services, including specialized classrooms within and outside of district buildings, to meet the needs of students. 




    Andrea Edmonds, Director of Student Services        

    Judy Henry, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services  Ext. 1210

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