Northwestern Lehigh Middle School

  • Welcome to Northwestern Lehigh Middle School. We are very proud of our school and all the people who make it such a special place. At Northwestern Lehigh Middle School, we strive to create a student-centered, purposeful, and collaborative teaching and learning experience in order to make an exceptional, engaging, educational experience for students, our parents/guardians, and the Northwestern Lehigh community.

    Northwestern Lehigh Middle School believes in teaching the whole-child. This is emphasized through the implementation of our school-wide positive behavior program known as P.R.I.D.E - Positives attitude, Respectful behavior, Individual accountability, Dedicated learners...Equals success.  

    Northwestern Lehigh Middle School has served middle school aged children since 1992. Our school is comprised of grades 6,7,8 and our average school population is 450 students. The curriculum consists of the core subjects Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. These areas are supplemented by instruction in the Related Arts areas of Art, Music, Family and Consumer Science, Technology Education, Health, and Physical Education. Our schedule also includes a Tiger Period, or Enrichment and Intervention period, to allow for tailored instruction in individual students or groups of students' area of strength or need. We have a strong team approach in the core subjects to provide students with greater support and a sense of security. The team concept enables teachers to work collaboratively in planning curriculum, delivering instruction, focus on social emotional learning, and designing supports for students.

    We want our students to leave Northwestern Lehigh Middle School knowing that we treated and cared for them as individuals; listened when needed, and taught them the skills necessary to succeed. We believe we are more than just educators, we believe we are role models, coaches, and mentors. Above all, we want to make Northwestern Lehigh Middle School a place where students want to come, parents want to send their children, and our staff want to work.