Activities Department Mission

The fundamental purpose of the extracurricular and athletic programs in the Northwestern Lehigh School District is to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral well-being of its participants. It is hoped that these programs will be a positive force in preparing our youth for an enriching and critical role in American life. The extracurricular and athletic programs are an important and integral part of the total school program and are open to participation by all students regardless of individual differences. Through voluntary participation, the participant gives time, energy and loyalty to the program.
     In order to contribute to the welfare of his/her event, the participant must be willing to accept the training rules, regulations, and responsibilities, which are unique to an extracurricular or athletic program. It should be clearly understood that the same standard of behavior and discipline for the regular student shall also apply to the extracurricular/athletic student participant and any violation of the “Student Conduct Policy” or "Athletic Honor Code" may result in forfeiture of the privilege of participating in a Northwestern extracurricular or athletic program.