Basic Alg/Trigonometry - Modified Course of Study

  • Course of Study

    This modified course will review and strengthen Algebra I skills, provide an introduction to the fundamentals of trigonometry and its practical uses, include a review of geometry concepts, as well as improving the use of basic mathematical skills in real life applications. 

    Topics To Include:
    Metric Measurement & Conversion 
    Simplyfying Radicals
    Exponents, Roots, and Factorization of Whole Numbers
    Fractions - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    Algebraic Expressions/Equations
    Word problems, word problems, word problems!
    Materials may be viewed via my Google classroom.
    Students should keep an organized notebook with all classwork and assessments. These materials will be used to prepare for the course final exam.

    (*A copy of the course materials (worksheets/quizzes) can be found on my Google Classroom site utilizing the students login information)