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Middle School and High School Safety and Security Information

February 27, 2019


Re: Middle School and High School Safety and Security Information


Dear Parents/Guardians and Employees,

Safety and security remain priorities for the Northwestern Lehigh School District.  As we progress through this school year, we have participated in a variety of training and regularly scheduled drills to practice our emergency procedures.  In the next few months, students and staff will begin to participate in a variety of situational drills that will include drills that are unannounced and simulate the drill in the most authentic manner possible.

Please allow this to serve as a reminder of the following procedures: 

  •  In order to maintain a safe environment for your children to study and learn, it is necessary that we practice our emergency and crisis response plans by conducting drills that exercise our procedures to better prepare staff and students. Our goal is to conduct our drills in the most authentic manner possible.


  •  The NWLSD will continue its implementation of “Run, Hide, Fight” training to employees and students. “Run, Hide, Fight” is a specific protocol in regard to an active shooter scenario.  The goal of these exercises are to practice our emergency management procedures, specifically our “Run, Hide, Fight” procedures with students present.


  •  Drills conducted on a regular basis in each school building will simulate an intruder in the school.  Prior notification to parents or announcement within the building will not be given. Notification to parents will be sent via Blackboard Connect message sent to your email immediately upon initiation of the drill in order to reduce any concerns for families. It is necessary to run drills without prior notice in order to properly test and strengthen procedures, all with student safety as the focus.


  •  If there is a real emergency, we will notify you via phone and email through Blackboard Connect, district website, district Facebook, and district Twitter page. Please be sure your emergency contact information in Blackboard Connect Ed is up to date information.


  •  In the event of a real emergency, we may lock down our campuses. Do not go to the school site unless directed by a school administrator. Your children will not be released until the emergency situation is controlled. In any emergency situation, specific response strategies depend on the nature and scope of the incident and prevailing conditions. Your attempt to enter school campuses will take valuable first responder and administration time away from dealing with the emergency.


  •  Please remember that, in emergencies, our primary goal is to keep your children safe. Information will be provided only when it is safe to do so, and may not initially include all of the details you may want to have. Information will be released when it is appropriate as determined in collaboration with law enforcement.


  •  Photo Identification will be required in order to pick-up students or to be allowed entry into the secured areas of any school building. This requirement will be strictly enforced even in cases where parents are known to faculty and staff of the NWLSD. NWLSD has secure school buildings that require visitors to buzz-in and a school employee to grant entrance to our buildings. The District has cameras at the main entrances of each school that enable the office staff and administration to view who is at the door requesting entry.

We will continue to take reasonable steps to help ensure the safety and security of our students and employees. As we continually refine our safety and security procedures, we would like to emphasize the important role you can play in promoting school safety with your children. We ask for your assistance by following important procedures included in this letter and reminding your children of the importance of school safety practice drills.

Your understanding, support, and cooperation are critical as we take these precautionary safety actions on behalf of our students and employees.  We look forward to creating a safe and secure environment for our students.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Jennifer L. Holman

Superintendent of Schools