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Employee Appreciation Week

Employee Appreciation



This week, May 3-7, 2021 is Employee Appreciation Week and we have a few special treats planned for our employees to recognize them.  


We are seeking parents, students, and employees to submit a story about an employee that did something special!   


We will share the positive stories, quotes, and compliments from individuals about our employees during EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION WEEK! 


Please use this form to submit your story of appreciation about one of our employees: 

Employee Appreciation Form


Here are some of our stories:

 “Michelle Groller you are an absolute ROCKSTAR! Your dedication to our students is unwavering. I would have never made it through this challenging year without all of your knowledge, guidance and sense of humor to keep me going. You deserve to be appreciated every day!”

~Alissa Cawley, Staff Member


“Maureen Roman's passion for education and dedication to her students deserves the utmost recognition and respect. You hold yourself and your students to a high standard and work long and late hours to make sure you are keeping up with the latest technology and educational resources available. Your instruction is constantly changing to keep students engaged. I am lucky to work alongside you and thank you for the guidance you have provided me throughout this most challenging year.”

 ~Alissa Cawley, Staff Member


“I am so incredibly thankful for Derek Steidle, our tech support staff member at the middle school. He has continued to support us during trials and challenges this year; always coming to our aid during moments of technology glitches and device problems. We were successful teaching to our online population because of Derek. Although we don't say it enough, we are so appreciative of his support.”

 ~Pamela Peters, Staff Member


“I am so thankful for my colleagues on Team Lynx. While the stressors of teaching during a pandemic - learning new technology, supporting online and in-person student populations - may have negatively impacted others, my colleagues continue to stay organized, positive, and smiling. I am so thankful I have their spunky wit, audacious attitudes, and compassionate hearts to support me every day. I couldn't be prouder of the team's accomplishments this year. Although this appreciation is for Team Lynx, I also want to acknowledge the entire middle school building for their continuous support and unprecedented accomplishments. We are a school family unlike any other, demonstrating grit and perseverance this year.”

 ~Pamela Peters, Staff Member


I would like to recognize all of the music teachers in our district. This past year have been extremely difficult with the restrictions put on us due to COVID-19. The music department has adapted and kept music alive! They all deserve a huge round of applause!

~James Lykins, Staff Member


“Karen Rex is always ready and willing to help. Not only is she a never-ending source of information and knowledge, but she works to find solutions to tough problems.”

 ~Michelle Slack, Staff Member


“Kimberly Meckley is one-of-a-kind! She supports teachers and students alike and never has anything but positive and encouraging words to say! She makes everyone around her feel heard and valued.”

 ~Michelle Slack, Staff Member

“Thank you to the teacher assistants at Weisenberg and Northwestern Elementary Schools! We could not have made it through this tough year without all of your help!”

 ~Laura Luca, Staff Member


“Christy Diehl is fantastic. She provided excellent leadership in a very stressful situation and helped everyone to remain calm with her professional demeanor. Thank you for the amazing job you do every day!”

 ~Michelle Slack, Staff Member


“Mrs. Suppan is an amazing teacher. Tarik loves Chemistry. He lives and breathes it. He is constantly reviewing his notes and looks forward to learning more and more. Thank you for making it fun and challenging for him as well as the rest of the students.”

 ~Olivia Hassan, Parent


Thank you Dawn Remaley & Kim Williams for helping students in my classroom succeed. You both go above and beyond for students needing support and I cannot thank you enough. Couldn't do it without you!”

 ~Lissa Opolsky, Staff Member


“I’d like to share about Ms. McGee. She’s probably the nicest and most friendly person you can meet and you can tell from the moment you walk into the classroom. It’s so warm and inviting and you just feel like you’ve known her for years and that’s the best feeling.”

 ~Anonymous Student


“My compliment goes to literally all of my teachers, as well as my guidance counselor for keeping tabs on me and helping me out through my last few weeks as a senior. This online learning thing really tanked my Senior year, but everyone I've been working with has made strides to keep me motivated and make sure I get where I need to be, and if I didn't have that support I don’t know if I would've graduated, so big shout out to them.”

 ~Spencer Beidler, Student


“As the 4th and final marking period was getting close to its end I was worried as I wasn't doing too hot in my Algebra class. But, I learned that on the next Tuesday I would meet with Mr. Mitchell, and I can't thank him enough for all he's done. Not only has he helped me, but he was able to continue teaching and helping us, even when he was out of school for some time. He really taught me the definition of perseverance in his class, and that it truly is okay to ask for help, whether you think you need it or not, and leaving knowing that teachers are looking out for you.

~Miriya, Student


I would have to say Mrs. Larkin since she always is there to try and help with something and I can always get a laugh from her if needed.”

 ~Anonymous Student


“I have had the opportunity to have Kelly Fornauf as, not only a mom, but as a 5th grade math teacher (yikes 😅) and I want to share how amazing she is! She may be tough but she always strives to achieve the best out of her students, fellow staff members, and her family. She works day in and day out to make sure that she is the best she can be for everyone around her! You’re doing great Mom, no struggle is too big for you and you’re crushing these COVID years. Happy teacher appreciation week to the best lifelong teacher I could have!”

 ~Elizabeth Fornauf, Community Member


“Mrs. Kline helping me to achieve my dreams of going to states and supporting me through everything.”

 ~Dayna Dengler, Student


“Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Peterson & Mrs. Wallace consistently go above and beyond. On top of their everyday responsibilities they happily help with everything PIE related. Without their assistance we wouldn't have been able to do much for the students and staff this year. They've worked with us to coordinate so many things behind the scenes. They've gotten items to/from families/staff plus helped with yearbook photography, pizza delivery, mailbox management/distribution, party set up/clean up, record keeping and so many random requests and details. We appreciate them and their dedication to making sure the kids and staff didn't miss out during this unique year!”

 ~Erica Seither, Parent


When I was taking AP Calculus AB in the fall, I was taken aback by how different that type of math was. Mr. Smoyer devoted a lot of his free time on Wednesdays, hours after school, and sometimes over the weekend to respond and help me with the (many) questions that I had. He made it well known to not only myself, but to all of his students, that he cared about their education and truly wanted to see everyone succeed. Mr. Smoyer is a great teacher and I'm especially grateful for the waffles he made all of the AP testers on May 4th!

 ~Morgan Micklus, Student


Melissa Smith stayed positive all school year and has helped me learn about the things I like ... thank you !!!!

 ~Natalie Steigerwalt, Student


Mrs.Spatz has helped me achieve being a better ELA student and helped me move on

 ~Natalie Steigerwalt, Student


“This year I have been able to easily recognize the abilities my teachers have. They have been able to go above and beyond in every aspect in and out of the classroom, to be there for the students. Specifically my English teacher Mrs. Paist, and my student teacher for World History, Mr. Sagl. Mrs. Paist was my English teacher and debate coach. She has been there for me since the very beginning of the year, and looking out for us. She was always aware about the situations we were in, and always looked at us as more than just students. She always asked about how I was doing, and my opinions about everything going on right now. She's definitely more than meets the eye. She truly cared about us, and you could tell it wasn't just a front. She was always there for us, teaching us throughout the semester, and teaching me a lot about what it means to grow up, what it means to be a student and a debater. She is a fantastic person with consistent amazing charisma. Mr. Sagl really rose above and beyond this year. He is a student teacher from Kutztown and really did his very best at staying true to himself in this extraordinary experience. He provided great lessons, and was very flexible in a situation that was new to him, along with everything else going on in society. He was able to roll with the punches and provided fantastic lessons and projects again and again. Thank you to all teachers this year for working your butt off and risking a ton just to put smiles on our faces, and educate us youth. Your excellence and great manner will be extremely appreciated for many years to come. Your commitment to hard work will not be forgotten.”

 ~James Gengaro, Student


“Krista Keys and Carolyn Schilling have been the BEST mentors as I am completing my student teaching experience at Northwestern! I have learned so much valuable information and really enjoyed my time here! Krista and Carolyn have been a huge help in my journey to becoming an elementary school teacher ️”

 ~Sarah Sewilo, Student Teacher


“Since my grandpa had died, I would like to thank Ms. Smith because she helped me throughout the year and realized that I can do anything. Thank you so much Ms. Smith”

 ~Jaylene Goodman, Student


“Shout out to my AWESOME specialist team: Shawn Fies, Susan Hanlon, Lora Krum, and Kyle Grim for taking the specialist areas to a higher level. Teaching Music, Library, and PE virtually is another level of challenge they face every day. I salute them and am proud to call them MY TEAM!!”

 ~Tracy Smoyer, NWLSD Employee


I just want to say thank you to Mrs. Becker , Miss Smith, Miss Kraky, and Mrs. Spatz for helping me with mm work when I was failing. And now I got them up so thank you <3

 ~ Alessya NIeves, Student


“Although this year has been far different from others before, Mrs. Huston has made the year so enjoyable for myself and many other students. She brings so much positivity to the classroom and makes us all laugh on a daily basis. In addition to all of the wonderful things she does she also understands that we like to be kids and she does a great job of making class entertaining and fun for us to be a part of. Mrs. Huston is one of the best teachers I have ever known and I am so grateful that she is my social studies and homeroom teacher this year! Thanks Mrs. Hutson! :)”

 ~Anonymous Student


“My positive story was that the entire Mosaic team helped me by supporting me and reminding me to do work.”

 ~ Grayson Marsteller- Student


“I would like to recognize the third grade team ( Jodi Chandler, Jake Bennett, Tara Reigle), as well as Hollie Citerone and Kate  Petcavage at NWE. They are an amazing bunch of people to work with and I feel very fortunate to call them coworkers as well as friends! I do not know what I would have done this year without them!”

 ~Amy Remp, Staff Member


“I would like to thank all of my teachers on team Mosaic. They spread positivity and kindness to everyone. They are caring and make school fun and safe. I hope everyone has a good rest of the school year.”

 ~Gracie Scheffler- Student


“Mrs. Herman, She is always there when you need her, she is the best person to talk to. if you just need someone to talk to she is there, if you need some just to listen she is there. I was going through a tough time but she was there every step of the way making sure I was the strongest I could be. Without her I don't know what I would do. She always has a smile on her face and laughing. I think she is the one of the nicest, lenient teachers an she doesn't get enough credit for it.”

 ~Anonymous Student


“Mrs. Herman is always helping others and sticking up for people. She supports and helps people all the time and really needs renegotiation for her amazing and constant perseverance.”

 ~Alescia Lewis, Student


“I would like to thank Mrs. Gressley for being an amazing teacher last year and being so nice and kind and sadly you retired but thank you for being an amazing teacher!”

 ~ Jenna Dalrymple- Student


“Thank you Ms. DeFazio for everything you have done for Aiden as he transitions from virtual learning to in person at a brand new school. We have seen substantial growth in Aiden this year and I attribute quite a bit of it to the work you've done with him in class. THANK YOU!”

 ~ Diane Merzbach, Parent


“Gary Spanitz. He always gets the sports fields ready when there are storms and when it needs work. He also cuts the grass for my youth field for me because I play outfield.”

 ~Eli Zimmerman- Student


“Thank you to Mrs. Marquardt, who demonstrates the utmost patience while teaching virtually! She navigates technical issues with ease and keeps everyone organized through a weekly planner and reminder emails. Thank you for all you do!”

 ~ Kristen Kunkel, Parent


“In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to recognize and honor Mrs. Pollock. Mrs. Pollock is an amazing Instructional Assistant at Weisenberg Elementary. She is distinguished in her abilities to connect with students and support their individual needs. Mrs. Pollock has an incredible work ethic and goes above and beyond to assist the students and staff. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Pollock every day.”

 ~Tracy Heffelfinger, Staff Member


“I'd like to send a shout-out to everyone in Administration – the Superintendent’s Office, the Business Office, Human Resources, Curriculum, Special Services, IT and Food Service. Thank you to every one for what you do every day, making NWLSD a great place to work!”

 ~ Debbie Minnich, Staff Member


“I would like to thank Mrs. Fornauf because she helped me in math that I didn't get all the time but now I do get so I just want to say thank you Mrs. Fornauf.”

 ~ Hannah Newcomer - Student


“Mrs. Bernhard for teaching me how to babysit and sew”

 ~ Robert Beidler - Student


“I would like to recognize all of the coaches, advisors, event staff, and support staff who did everything they possibly could do to provide athletic and extracurricular opportunities for our students during a very unique year. Your positive attitudes, willingness to lead outside the box, and your flexibility were instrumental in providing our kids with practices, performances, competitions, opportunities to participate in the things they love. Not one complaint, you stepped up and just went out there and did it. Words cannot express how grateful we all are for what you did this year! Thank you!!!”


~ Jason Zimmerman, Staff Member


“Mr. Keck is and was an awesome teacher. The one day when my brother was at the open house to see what class he is in and whatever so I went to go see Mr. Keck and he said "Look! It’s the trouble maker" and my parents looked at me and said you were a trouble maker??”

 ~ Olivia Keen - Student


“I would like to recognize Stephen Mittl for his dedication to his job. He is always here and does a great job!”

 ~Anonymous, Staff Member


“Mrs. Krista Keys is such a loving and kind individual who truly wants what is best for students. Her quiet and caring demeanor does not go unnoticed to families and children.”

 ~Anonymous, Staff Member


“Mrs. Aileen Yadush has gone the extra mile this year for students, staff, and families. Her dedication to doing what is best for students and staff during this super challenging year is remarkable.”

 ~Anonymous Staff Member


“Jimmy Hawk has been a constant this year, working extra time when there are shortages, helping us clean through challenging circumstances and a global health pandemic. He is very reliable and always does what is best for the District and our students.

~Anonymous Staff Member


“MANY THANKS to our technology team: Matt, Rebecca, Derek, Dianne, & Kelly. Online and blended instruction really made all of us rely on technology more than ever this year. Their support was greatly appreciated!”

 ~Anonymous Staff Member


“I would like to recognize Mrs. Hartman for her dedication and devotion to teaching and supporting our classroom community. Her positive attitude, natural ability to connect with students (academically, mentally, and emotionally), and professionalism and greatly appreciated and noticed. I am honored to be able to work alongside such an amazing teacher. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your sparkle with all of us.”

 ~Tracy Heffelfinger, Staff Member