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Waterford Upstart K-Readiness

We have a unique opportunity for children who are four years of age and have NOT attended any formalized child care program(s).   This opportunity for your child is made available through our partnership with Lehigh Valley Reads.  

For the next few weeks, Lehigh Valley Reads will be recruiting twenty-five 4 year olds to participate for free in a high quality kindergarten readiness program. The program is called Waterford UPSTART and is an on-line, in the home learning opportunity.  If you don’t have a computer, Lehigh Valley Reads will provide one at no-cost to your family.  If you don’t have internet service, Lehigh Valley Reads will cover that too.

We know you want to give your child every opportunity possible and so do we!
To register, go to this link:

Once you register, a representative from Waterford will contact you directly to discuss next steps and to enroll your child.

Registration for these twenty-five slots will close in mid-February. The program will begin on March 1, 2020 and last through mid-August 2020.   

Thank you for continuing to support your little one’s school readiness journey.


The Northwestern Lehigh Kindergarten Team