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The 2020 State of Education Report

The annual State of Education report surveyed chief school administrators from school districts, career and technical centers and intermediate units, as well as pulling data from public sources. It is intended to be a barometer of not only the key indicators of public school performance but also the challenges schools face and how they are coping with them.

The 2020 State of Education report is now in its fourth year, this year’s report presents a unique look at the public education landscape pre-coronavirus, with a 65% response rate to survey conducted before the pandemic outbreak, providing key findings on cyber programs, special education and budget pressures.

On the survey, 77% of respondents cited budget pressures as their biggest overall challenge even before the funding discussions around the current state of affairs began. Take a look at this leading benchmark report — a comprehensive compilation and evaluation of timely data related to public education in the commonwealth. Data reported comes from publicly available sources and from a survey to chief school administrators.


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