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Spectator Procedures

The Colonial League member schools have worked dilligently to put together Spectator Procedures that are as consistent as possible for all member schools.

Please understand that as per the Governor's Order, current restrictions only permit 250 individuals at outdoor events and 25 individuals at indoor events.  These totals must include players, coaches, referees, medical staff, event staff, media, etc.

The following link takes you to a detailed document outlining the procedures we will follow in each sport:

Fall 2020 Spectator Procedures

 As a general overview, with the exception of Girls Volleyball and Varsity Football, only the parents and siblings of the players, both home and away, will be permitted entry to the events.  At the current time, parents may not be replaced by other familty members (i.e. grandparents, uncles, etc.) if they are unable to attend.  this may change once we have a sense of real numbers coming through the gate. 

Most schools, including ours, will have a check-in table at the venue.  Most schools will also be live streaming the various events on their campus.  Northwestern Lehigh will be live streaming all events in the stadium.  We are also looking at possibly live streaming events on the Middle School Field Hockey Field.  As links to those live streams become available, we will send that information out.

Girls Volleyball, once you include team members, coaches, referees, and event staff, we are already at the 25 person limit.  Therefore, spectators will not be permitted at Girls Volleyball games at this time.  Varsity Football contests, due to the number of players, coaches, home cheerleaders, home marching band members, referees, medical staff, event staff, and media broadcasting the games, we will only have enough space to allow parents of Northwestern Lehigh Senior Players, Cheerleaders, and Band Members to attend.  I will be in contact with those Senior Parents later this week to provide more detail on your admission.

Standing outside the stadium fence also will not be pemitted and District Police & Security will ask you to vacate the campus if this occurs.

Please note that as restrictions change, so too will our procedures and updates will be provided.  We are extremely excited to begin competitions and to at least have some spectators.  In order to make this successful and enjoyable for all, we ask that you please respect and abide by the current procedures.